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Shlomo Cassos was born in Casablanca.  Emigrated to France in 1949, and later to Israel in 1950.  He studied in Israel and later studied Etching and Lithography at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France.  He lived and worked in both Tel Aviv and Paris.  Since 1976, he has lived and worked in France and in the United States, continuing to show abroad as well as in the United States. He is based in New York.


Artist Statement

Since I have moved from figurative forms to abstraction of forms, the forms have been transformed into symbols, some of which have been meaningful in a philosophy of the essence of these forms. My thinking however, has been focused on the central, essential values of painting.


For me, the core values are expressed in dialectical integration between opposing elements. I am dealing with objects which ostensibly have little relation between them or which contradict each other, but they are integrated within the overall gestalt of the work where the forms generate expression among themselves and in relation to a totality.


For simplicity I select only a few objects or elements at a time (with the canvas/surface sometimes being an element in itself). These minimalist forms create a visual focus of a dynamic activity which is related to all the internal and external aspect of the painting.


The form-symbols, despite their minimalism, are limitless in their potential expansion of meaning and thus are not bound by the limits or boundaries of the canvas. To some degree this is a coordination between a thought and an emotion which is continuously accompanied by the primary essence of painting - the inner light of the color.


The name of the work is only a starting point for the infinite and ever expanding association of the viewer; a starting point from which the viewer can evolve. 


S. Cassos



Cassos Artsist
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